7 awesome wedding planning resources

There are a lot of things that go into planning your perfect wedding celebration. Checklists and planning tips can make that journey more enjoyable and less stressful. These 7 resources are a great place to start!

1. This list from Aisle Perfect is an awesome 6 month wedding planning timeline that includes all the key dates and milestones leading up to your special day. Perfect for a short engagement.

2. Create a beautiful wedding website using Wix. You'll be amazed at how easy (and fun!) it is to play website designer.

3. This wedding budget guideline from Cake and Lace is a perfect guide to help you start managing your budget. You may need to modify some of your categories depending on where you live and what the going rates are for certain wedding services. You may also determine your splits based on which services you place the most value on.

4. Have a year to plan your wedding? Here is a 12-month checklist from Aisle Perfect.

5. Blueprint Registry has the perfect registry checklist for the modern day couple.

6. Not great with words and stressing over writing your vows? Worry no more! Some great ideas to get you started, brought to your by Cute Wedding Ideas.

7. Some fun facts about wedding traditions and the meaning behind them from Glitzy Secrets.

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